Webinar | Either you run the day or the day runs you!

Managing Your Time & Priorities Learning Objectives: Distinguish the key differences between time management and prioritization. Identify systems, tools, and techniques that will make managing your time easier. Leverage tools to better manage your time and priorities, individually and as a leader of others.

Webinar | On The Job Best Practices: Communication Best Practices

Webinar Learning Objectives: Distinguish the key differences between formal and informal communication styles. Learn that culture plays a role in effective communication. Use best practices for written/verbal communication and avoid typical mistakes. Identify non-verbal and verbal cues when communicating. Utilize different methods and resources to boost your writing style in the work...

Webinar | On The Job Best Practices: Getting The Job

Your Professional You – Webinar Overview Your Professional YOU – SELLING YOURSELF We will review what is a “Problem-Free” YOU, your body of work, experiences, skills and abilities Stand OUT from the Competition – PREPARING YOURSELF We will learn about behavioral etiquette, language, attire and image on the phone, online, video, email The Interviewer’s Perception – PRESENTING YOURSELF We will cover the interview, roles of the interviewer and the interviewee, perceptions, post...

A Student Speaks Out: What Does It Mean To Be Biracial?

MY PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE: Growing up biracial was a little difficult for me at times. I would get asked questions like, “Do you feel more white or black?” or “Do you wish you were full white or full black?”. A lot of biracial teenagers feel like they are too black for white people and too white for black people, so they don’t really know where they belong, or if there is an in-between that they can fall under. I never really thought much about those questions until I became a teenager. I wondered if maybe being biracial was not a good thing if I needed to choose just one race. What if people only liked half of me? It made it hard for me to love myself at times because what if I wasn’t good enough for either race? I grew up in a very diverse area but for some reason I felt very alone. I...

When I was thirteen years old (A true story on straightened hair, with imagination)

                        As I sat down to write this blog to commemorate February as Black History Month, I began to think how I, as an Afro Latina born and raised outside of the United States, relate to this celebration. I quickly noted that many people see me as Black, not only because of my brown skin but due to the way in which I showcase my afro hair and celebrate my Black appearance. Many people in the United States connect afros to being Black and proud, although many others nowadays identify as such, just to be “in style”. There have been several stories in the media about the meaning of hair, and in particular, when hair makes a cultural and/or political statement. For example, if you were any place near social media last week, you could not miss the feedback on Beyoncé’s...


“The MFHA Suite of Solutions and Services are specific to the challenges of the restaurant, foodservice and lodging industries and will help our industry continue its leadership in multicultural awareness achievement.”

Roy Jackson, SVP, Business Development & Industry Affairs Foodservice & On-Premise, Coca-Cola North America


“MFHA offers innovative programs that strategically position organizations to maximize the multicultural opportunities for today and the future.”

Douglas Allison
VP- Corporate Development & Diversity, PepsiCo Foodservice

“Developing culturally intelligent leaders is critical for innovation
and long-term business success.”

James Fripp
Senior Director – Global Diversity & Inclusion, YUM! Brands, Inc.

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