About MFHA

Who We Are

MFHA is an educational non-profit 501(c)(3) that helps its members build Cultural Intelligence by delivering products and solutions that raise the top-line, improve the bottom-line and build culturally authentic brand value.

What We Do

We deliver multicultural solutions that help raise the topline, improve the bottom-line and build brand value for our member companies.

Whom We Serve

Members and the Industry

Our Approach

“Build culturally intelligent brands and leaders”

Where We Add Value

Our solutions focus on four key audiences:
1. Workforce: attracting, retaining & developing diverse talent
2. Customers: selling and marketing to multicultural markets
3. Community: building relationships that add brand value
4. Suppliers: attracting diverse suppliers & franchisees

Our Model

Our Definition of Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence (CI) is having the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to effectively and appropriately engage people from different cultural backgrounds to deliver better business results.

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased innovation and flexibility
  • Attract better quality talent
  • Improved sales and reduced costs at unit level
  • Reduced multicultural risk

Our Value Proposition

1. Raise the Topline | Serve, Market and Sell to Multicultural Guests
2. Improve the Bottom-line | Attract, Engage & Develop Multicultural Talent
3. Build Brand Value Culturally Authentic Brand Value
& Community Connections
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“The MFHA Suite of Solutions and Services are specific to the challenges of the restaurant, foodservice and lodging industries and will help our industry continue its leadership in multicultural awareness achievement.”

Roy Jackson, SVP, Business Development & Industry Affairs Foodservice & On-Premise, Coca-Cola North America


“MFHA offers innovative programs that strategically position organizations to maximize the multicultural opportunities for today and the future.”

Douglas Allison
VP- Corporate Development & Diversity, PepsiCo Foodservice

“Developing culturally intelligent leaders is critical for innovation
and long-term business success.”

James Fripp
Senior Director – Global Diversity & Inclusion, YUM! Brands, Inc.

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